Testimonials ADR2023 Panama ADR2022 Panama

“Great opportunity to exchange knowledge with other organisations and the private sector."Alejandro Murcia, Save The Children
"For our first-time event we are happy with the way it’s organised! Like the events, food, 1-2-1 meetings & time management" Sanne Van Heusden, Hospitainer BV
"Excellent space for interactions!" Manuel Santana, USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)
“The results of ADR contributed to the compliance of the ODS and the framework of SENDAC, as a co-critical mechanism by the private sector"Rafael Bonilla, CLRAH - Regional Logistics Center for Humanitarian Assistance; Panama
"It was a great experience and allowed us valuable reflections as well as connections" Dr. Lidia Fromm CEA, Mesoamerica Project
"First visit. We felt there was good opportunity for engagements & participation. We made some good contacts for future discussions." Douglas Banks, SOS Food Lab
“Extremely relevant; we want to participate in the resilience strengthening initiative"Dora Mejia, Speedcast
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