Testimonials - 2018
"A note to thank the entire GRV team and the support staff in Nairobi for a superb venue. The speed-dating concept is genius, so keep it up!" Troy Smith, Raytheon Blackbird Technologies
“Of all the events we attend, we found the matchmaking sessions the most rewarding as we had the opportunity to meet, network and exchange more than just business cards, it was very well organised. GRV staff were exceptionally professional and helpful to get us connected to more people” Gerald Mohrmann, Sat-Com (Pty) Ltd
“The event was very well organised in terms of topics, presentations and sessions as well as having the exhibition within the main hall. I have also to commend the organisers on the arrangement of the matchmaking meetings  which facilitated the interaction among participantsTarek Awaad, African Union Commission (AUC); Committee of Intelligence & Security Service of Africa (CISSA)
Thanks for the message and the opportunity you and your colleagues at GRV Global gave to COMESA to participate in the second Annual Security Symposium. COMESA benefitted immensely from the interaction with the various delegates and presentations made as well as ideas shared. On behalf of COMESA, we will follow up on some of the agreed collaborative ventures with a number of delegates during the match-making sessions. Raymond Kitevu Conflict Early Warning Expert - Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariat  

Dear Colleagues,
It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to Chair the 6th Africa Security Symposium: East and Sub-Saharan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ASEC2019). I am delighted to welcome you all to the capital city of Africa, to attend this timely and important forum.
As all of us know that peace and security in the world, specifically in Africa and Middle East, is becoming volatile. Living cohesively as a human race is becoming a challenge in some parts of the world, as equal rights for all human beings are being eroded. In some African countries, we are observing that people are being displaced from their permanent areas and living a miserable life, without any substantial reason. Despite continuous efforts worldwide to destroy terrorism, the challenge remains in some places and innocent people continue to die. For the peace and security of Africa and the world, it is our duty to come together and look at the current situations, analyse the issues and work towards a solution. The promotion of social progress and higher standards of living for today’s society and future generations, and the need to facilitate peaceful coexistence and tolerance is vital.
Investing in peace and security means investing in all development activities; without the growth of these areas, there is no stability, and therefore should be seen as indivisible. Hence, let all of us work on these areas in our individual locations and come together, as per the intended purpose of this African Security Symposium.
Finally, I look forward to welcoming you all and wish you fruitful deliberations.

With best regards, I remain,
Yours Faithfully
Hon. Motuma Mekassa
Symposium Chairman and
National Security Adviser
Prime Minister Office; Ethiopia