November 12th – 14th, Kigali, Rwanda

ASEC TWENTY is a unique intimate event working in partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC)’s Committee of Intelligence & Security Services of Africa (CISSA) and INTERPOL entities across the African continent.
It is a chance for ONLY 20 international companies, leading the way in land, sea, and air security & defence, to present and demo their products, services and solutions from private suites to the most senior audience of Chiefs of Military Intelligence,  Ministries of Defence/Interior, Director Generals of National Security, Inspectors/Commissioners of Police, Anti-corruption, ICT regulators and many more.
ASEC TWENTY offers participants a rare opportunity to present/explore available capabilities of advanced security technologies, in a safe, structured and enjoyable atmosphere, furthering the African continent's efforts for long-term peace, stability and development through public-private partnerships.
For more information and to secure one of just twenty places, please contact: Andrew Dowell on or